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Women of the Bible


I AM Vernice EVENTS - Women of the Bible

A Contemporary Study of Women in the Bible through Art & Fashion

The WOMEN OF THE BIBLE Sessions are designed to teach biblical principles for soul prosperity and character development through faith, fashion, art and the message. Custom topics/themes for your organization or special event available upon request.

Are you investing in your soul? What kind of deal is it for you to be so busy but lose yourself? What could you ever trade a healthy mind, body and emotions for?

You are invited to join us for sessions in Norwalk and Stamford, with each session covering a different woman of the Bible. See below for more information on whom we will be studying.


4 weekly, 3 hours sessions for a limited time only $200 including all art supplies.

*All Sessions must be paid in full two weeks before session start date

**On-site private groups and parties upon request. Minimum 5 women per session for private sessions.

A bible study of Eve.

What are some of the wondrous attributes of Woman?
Eve called Ishah, 'woman' was the first woman. Later she became Eve, the 'life-bearer'. The True Designer created every woman exquisitely in heaven’s design studio for a distinct shimmering purpose. As fabulous multi-dimensional “Woman” we have precious jewels awaiting to be adventurously discovered! As we interactively study Eve through the word we will create a magnificent mixed media piece of art expressing our unique personalities, style and individuality. Please bring a bible, a journal and a recent photo. 

A bible study of Queen Ester.

In this meditative and aromatherapy session we will discover that the bitter and sweet fragrances of life are significant in becoming the Gift of God in the world.

Hadassah, Esther's Jewish name, means 'myrtle', a tree whose leaves only release their fragrance when crushed. Her heroism only appeared when she and her people were in danger.  'Esther' means 'hidden': her Jewish identity was hidden for many years. Our true identity is “hidden” in Christ. When we spend time with God we discover how amazing He made us! Our personalities are perfect for His original purpose. What we do has zero to do with who we are. In this meditative and aromatherapy session we will discover that the bitter and sweet fragrances of life are significant to becoming the Gift of God in the earth. Please bring your favorite fruit, a bible and journal. In this faithfully fragrant session by the end of the 4-week session you will have prophetically painted a 3D art of Queen Ester!

A bible study of Jezebel.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowing wisdom, and to shun evil is to have understanding. Jezebel, daughter of a king, wife of a king, mother to two kings; a woman accustomed to power. The main lesson from Jezebel's life is that the deeds of a few can adversely affect a whole nation. In this session we will identify 30 traits of Jezebel that could possibly delay or deny God’s purposes in our lives and how it impacts the Body of Christ. Through reading the word and bible art journaling we will seek to identify the deeper motive of this spirit to resist the temptations that subtly try to lead us away from God and biblical truth. Please bring your bible and journal. All art journaling supplies are provided.

A bible study of Deborah

Deborah. Wife, Mom, Warrior, Judge. Deborah is ‘bee’ in Hebrew. It also means ‘spirited or fiery woman’. When attacked, Deborah could sting like a bee. Deborah did not occupy an office in Jerusalem, but worked beneath the shade of a “Date Palm tree. People came out to her at this palm tree, and she settled their disputes (or more literally “judged them”) As we study Deborah & Jael we will discover principles and God’s perspective on how to become effective warriors for the divine battles in our lives. We will use mixed media to create a personal powerful warrior art as a remembrance of the true warrior that you are in Him.

A bible study of Tamar.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Tamar, the daughter of King David, was an extraordinarily beautiful woman. As a royal princess and a virgin she was closely watched by the harem eunuchs. We will discuss the humiliating emotional and physical events that happened to Tamar to receive insight into our lives for inner healing to then identify and release negative thoughts and emotions that keep us from living the abundant life that God designed for us. We will use mixed media and art journaling.

A bible study of Mary, the mother of Jesus

The Mary of the Gospels is a woman full of courage, hope, and strategy. She is a woman marked by chutzpah, not reserved piety. Mary of Nazareth is one of the few women in the bible whose life story we know: as girl, mother and mature woman. Mary was a Jewish peasant girl in a small village called Nazareth. She became pregnant and married Joseph, then bore a son called Jesus. She watched as her son taught and preached in the Galilean countryside, and then anguished as he took a path into danger. Her son was arrested and crucified. Her emotions at the crucifixion are unimaginable. Mary pondered God’s word, obeying God without logic. She experienced God’s super on her natural. We will create a Vision/Dream Art using diverse and raw materials. Please bring photos and or pictures. We will also pray over your I AM Blessed Book!