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TOY: Tell on Yourself



TOY, is the acronym for Tell On Yourself, from James 5:16 “Confess your sins to one another and pray so that you may be healed.” The Art of TOY is providing artistic platforms for men, women and youth to share their stories through creative and visual expression at our Multi-Media Event Symposiums’. We incorporate live art, poetry, music, fashion and the Toy Team for Interactive Audience Participation.


TOY is a visual way to provide self-reflection for character development. Every art event is unique; thematically planned and guided by Vernice to inspire personal expression through art. As an intuitive Artist Vernice leads the way providing a safe and fun environment for each participant to open up and let go of the things that get in the way of full creative expression like perfectionism, comparison, and the need for external approval. Vernice encourages authentic sharing through art/the arts. This also opens the way to help embrace others perspectives and experiences.

TOY Art Methods vary depending on the medium and the message which are inextricably entwined. TOY Art/Painting sessions are for those who have no art experience as well professional artists. TOY Sessions are “anti-technique” and provide gentle guidance to help others discover their unique approach to express their personal style. The focus is not on achieving a certain pre-ordained image (like an art class or a paint and sip studio) rather the focus is self-awareness and the process rather than the final painting or project. Afterwards, participants are encouraged to view and reflect on their art engaging in what is meaningful to them.

TOY is available for a 3-hour Session to Weekend Retreats.

Surrendering the paintbrush of our lives takes courage. What could you create by giving God control for you to experience worship through art.

Contact TOY Founder & Creator Director Vernice Holmes for booking.